Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snowgirls (FTU)

Tube Alan Stevens Here
Scrapkit Snowgirl by Amanda Kelleher Here
Mask 132 by Weescotslass Here
Outside Effects used
Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow
drop shadow settings:
vertical and horizontal: 1
opacity: 75
blur: 3
color: black
new 600x600
open ak_free_snowgirl(31)
change foreground to pattern chose the paper you just opened
angle: 0
Load save mask/load mask from disk: wslmask132
merge group
open ak_free_snowgirl (20)
with magic wand select inside left frame
selections modify expand by 3
copy and paste paper ak_free_snowgirl (20) as a new layer
selections invert delete
drag layer below frame
do the same with the right side of the frame but use paper ak_free_snowgirl (29)
On ak_free_snowgirl (20) and ak_free_snowgirl (29)
effects/texture effects/blinds
these settings:
width: 3
opacity 47
color: #ffffff
horizontal: unchecked
light from left/top: checked
Open tubes
click inside right frame
selections/modify expand by 3
copy and paste 1st tube
selections invert delete
do the same for the left frame
drop shadow both tubes
add tubes again and resize and place
for now close these layers off
open ak_free_snowgirl(45) and place above frame layer
duplicate this layer
click on duplicated layer and merge down (this will make the ribbon less sheer)
with selection tool on rectangle draw small rectangles on the side of the frames (we will delete the excess ribbon)
hit delete after placing the rectangles
select none
open ak_free_snowgirl(12)
copy and paste as new layer above mask layer
resize 70%
free rotate 90 degrees and make sure right is checked and place (use my tag as reference)
eyecandy 4000 gradient glow with these settings
color tab
medium (use default color)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Army Pride Kit Freebie

This kit is for tagger and Computer Layouts (not suitable for printing).
There are 24 Elements and 5 Papers.
Nothing in this kit is for CU.

You can download here!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oooh Shiny Tut (PTU)

You can get Oooh Shiny Scrapkit from Sarah at
Cherish Template from Kittz Here
The tube was in the kit
Open Cherish template by kittz>shift+D>close out original
Delete TOU and Raster 1
Click on Scalloped Hearts2 Layer
Selections>Select all>float>defloat
Open paper 4>copy and paste as new layer
Delete Scalloped Hearts2
Click on Scalloped Hearts1 Layer
Selections>Select all>float>defloat
Open paper 4>copy and paste as new layer
Delete Scalloped Hearts1
Do the same for Round Edge Rectangle 1&2 as you did for Scalloped Hearts1&2
Click on Large Rectangle Shape
Selections>select all>float>defloat
Open paper 5>copy and paste as new layer
Image>Resize 60%
Slide transparency of this level to 50% then delete large rectangle shape
On raster 5 selections>select all>float>defloat
New raster layer>flood fill this with white>deselect
Move this layer under raster 5
Image>canvas size>800x800
open sheer-drape-2>copy and paste as new layer>move this layer to the top
move curtain to the left
Duplicate>mirror (look at my tag for placement)
open doodle-1>copy and paste as new layer>move doodle to bottom right
image>resize 60%>duplicate and mirror
open wrap-1>copy and paste as new layer>use ribbon to cover bottom of template
Move this layer to were it sits under raster 7
Click on cherish word art layer>with magic wand select the word cherish
Flood fill with #727272
adjust>add/remove noise>add noise with these settings
    Gaussian checked
    monochrome checked
    noise 44%
Effects>plugins>eye candy 5 impact>bevel
    These settings:
    Basic tab:
        bevel width: 29.39
        bevel height:18
        round corners:0
        bevel placement:inside selection
        darken deep areas:0
        Shade interior:checked
    Lighting tab:
        Direction: 207
        Inclination: 60
        highlight brigtness: 51
        highlight size: 65
        highlight color: #727272
        shadow color: #d2d2d2
Hit ok then deselect
Open SSLisa-Cookie-ooh shiny-black 1
Take your lasso tool and circle lisa k copyright hit delete
(we will be adding this again later)
Copy and paste tube as new layer>drag this layer to the top
Image>resize by 50% then again by 70%
Add a drop shadow these setting:
    Horizontal: 2
    Opacity: 50
    Blur: 5
    Color: Black
Select Heart Frames Layer
Selections>select all>float>defloat
Flood Fill with #727272
Add noise (same setting as before)
Effects>plugins>eye candy 5 impact>bevel (same settings as before)
Deselect and then move the hearts a little down (look at my tag for reference)
click on raster 10
Open bubbly>copy and paste as new layer>move to the bottom left
image>resize 50%
Open bubbly glass>copy and paste as new layer
move to left of bubbly image>resize by 50% then 80%>duplicate>mirror>move image to right of bubbly image
move this layer to where it's sitting under bubbly layer
Add drop shadow to all 3 images
Click on Raster 1 and with magic wand select inside each heart
add new layer>selections>modify>expand by 2
Flood fill with #727272>adjust>add/remove noise>add noise (same settings as before)
effects>plugins>eye candy 5 impact>bevel (same settings as before)>deselect
move this layer to where it's sitting under raster 1
Before adding name and copyright I like to crop and resize
Add your name and copyright info

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Army Pride Teaser! Freebie

There are 78 Army Forts/Posts/Duty Stations in this teaser...
There are no elements or papers just words in this that will be coming out within the month.

You can download it Here

Monday, September 20, 2010

FTU Love Always Tut

Mask Here
Totally cute scrapkit from Chrysi and you can get it here
Tube from Outlaw by Design Here

New Raster Layer>800x800
Open any paper (I chose pink)>Copy/Paste onto blank canvas
Layers>Load/Save Mask from Disk> sg_stencil-flowered-circle>invert transparency
Image>Resize 80%, resize all layers unchecked
Open any frame>Copy/Paste above mask layer
Effects>Drop shadow with these settings:
    Vertical: 2
    Blur: 4
Repeat Drop shadow but change vertical and horizontal to -2
Open any flower border>copy and paste above frame layer
Image> Rexize 80%
Move flower border near bottom of frame (look at my tag for reference)
Open any button>Copy and Paste above flower border
Image>Resize 40%
Move button to left bottom corner of frame (look at tag for reference)
Open tube>Copy and Paste and resize if need be
Move tube to the right and place this layer above the ribbon layer
Duplicate tube>Mirror
Move duplicated tube layer under frame layer and reposition tube
Click inside frame with magic wand
Selections>Modify>Expand by 8
Make sure you are on duplicated tube layer and then hit delete
Selections>Select None
Double click on duplicated tube layer
Change blend mode to soft light
Click on ribbon layer>then click on text tool
Write Always
I used these settings
Convert Always layer to a Raster layer
Add your name and copyright.

Halloween Scrapkit Freebie

Made for Taggers and Computer L/O
I love the Holidays....
 Most items are shown at 50%
There are 5 Papers
3 Frames
 24 Elements
Download Here