Monday, September 20, 2010

FTU Love Always Tut

Mask Here
Totally cute scrapkit from Chrysi and you can get it here
Tube from Outlaw by Design Here

New Raster Layer>800x800
Open any paper (I chose pink)>Copy/Paste onto blank canvas
Layers>Load/Save Mask from Disk> sg_stencil-flowered-circle>invert transparency
Image>Resize 80%, resize all layers unchecked
Open any frame>Copy/Paste above mask layer
Effects>Drop shadow with these settings:
    Vertical: 2
    Blur: 4
Repeat Drop shadow but change vertical and horizontal to -2
Open any flower border>copy and paste above frame layer
Image> Rexize 80%
Move flower border near bottom of frame (look at my tag for reference)
Open any button>Copy and Paste above flower border
Image>Resize 40%
Move button to left bottom corner of frame (look at tag for reference)
Open tube>Copy and Paste and resize if need be
Move tube to the right and place this layer above the ribbon layer
Duplicate tube>Mirror
Move duplicated tube layer under frame layer and reposition tube
Click inside frame with magic wand
Selections>Modify>Expand by 8
Make sure you are on duplicated tube layer and then hit delete
Selections>Select None
Double click on duplicated tube layer
Change blend mode to soft light
Click on ribbon layer>then click on text tool
Write Always
I used these settings
Convert Always layer to a Raster layer
Add your name and copyright.

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  1. Love it, Love it, Love it!!! You did an awesome job!!