Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So my husband had to leave earlier than usual today...because Mr. Prez will be here. I can't even attempt to imagine how the gates are going to be. I think it's interesting though he's thanking the Troops that got home from Iraq earlier this month when they pulled a short tour compared to the year my husband, his friends and his battalion had to pull. The only reason they are even getting National Recognition is because they were part of the draw down. Not that I'm not thankful to them...I am. I just wish more troops were being thanked. My husbands battalion received no national recognition, they received no thank you from outsiders, they got nothing. What gets under my skin the most are the wives. Saying how hard it was for their Loves to be away so long...um yeah try a year! And then ya'll want to complain about only getting 3 weeks block leave...whatever. But anyways, most of the soldiers won't even get an opportunity to see him. Most of the one's I know really don't care and most I know didn't even vote for him. I will keep my opinions to myself about the Prez.  I just needed a rant. LOL.

Milford Sound in New Zealand

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